Developing innovative/open technologies and service platform solutions to enable users to create and manage their own space and assets in the Metaverse.


Every users should have equal opportunities to create and manage their own space and assets in multiple parallel Metaverse platforms with decentralized and open source digital resources.

Platform & Ecosystem

Celemeta is focused on enabling platform users to build their own space in the Metaverse with the best immersive experience, easy navigation, and cost-effective methods.

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Meet our specialized and global core team for platform development


Dr. Simon Xiaofan Cao

Dr. Simon Cao has contributed to the advance of information networking industry with many critical technology breakthroughs and product commercialization. He has been named the “Godfather of Optical Communication” by Forbes Magazine. From 1992 to 2006, as earlier contributor or founder, he had taken four technical startup companies to IPO with multiple Billon dollar valuation. He has made over 1000X return on investment for top ranked VC s. Currently, Dr. Cao focus on technology investment in renewable energy, healthcare and Fintech.

Executive Director

Dr. Charles Mao

Dr. Charles Mao starts his technical career in Bell Lab in 1988. He worked as a principal network architect in MCI Communication Corp. from 1994 to 1998. Dr Mao co-founded Avanex Corp. with Dr. Cao in 1998 and took the company to IPO within two years. Since 2004, Dr. Mao has taken technology startup companies to IPO in ASX and Chinese stock exchange. Since 2012, he is actively investing in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and other digital asset Fintech projects.

Sean Chen

Chairman and Founder of Earth Ice Corp & Pharmzandia Corp.
45 years Entrepreneur in hightech/telecom/energy sectors. Founder of Earth Ice Corp (non-profit NGO) and Pharmzandia Corp (Pharmceuticals) with Dr. Peter Butzloff and Dr. Simon Cao. Specializing in IP developments on nano-tech, C60 Fullerenols focus on Longevity and Alzheimer’s, quantum medicine, AI, New Materials, products development, Smart Cities, Energy and Global Warming solutions.

Eric Hsu

(Co-founding Partner of Archasia Design Group)

With over 40 years of professional experience as an architect in the USA, China, and Taiwan, Eric is a registered architect in California, Illinois, and Taiwan. He has been in charge of many large scale architectural design projects such as the Taipei Arena, Nanshan Plaza, Nanjing Walshin Mall high rise office buildings and residential complexes, YMTC Wafer Fab project in Wuhan, and the list goes on.
Eric led the Archasia Design team to be Celemeta’s meta verse master planner and to create a new immersive world. We are bringing 3D architectural design experience to integrate the real world with virtual spaces.

Independent Director

Rt Hon. Sir Tony Baldry

The Right Honorable Sir Tony Baldry is the UK government’s former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, who oversaw the West Indies, SouthAsia, Africa and North America in his career. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, appointed to the HM Privy Council in 2014, and became a Lay Canon of Oxford’s Christ Church Cathedral in 2015.
Sir Tony Baldry led multiple official UK trade missions across the globe and became an Honorary member of the 48 Group for his work with China. His ministerial posts included Minister of State, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State Department of Energy and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State Department of the Environment. Sir Tony Baldry was also a Personal Aide to the legendary former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Dr. Larry Marshall

Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Dr Larry Marshall was born in Sydney and has a PhD in physics from Macquarie University, NSW, completing partof it while studying at Stanford University in the United States (US). He is a scientist, technology innovator and business leader with more than 25 years’ experience in creating new value and impact
with science. Dr Marshall has more than 100 peer reviewed publications and conference papers, holds20 patents, has founded six successful US companies in biotechnology, photonics, telecommunicationsand semiconductors, and has served on 20 boards of high-tech companies operating in the US, Australia and China.

George Sycip

George Sycip is President of Halanna Management Corporation and a founder and principal in Galaxaco Group LLC. He is the current board chairman of Give2Asia charity fund and board director of the Global Heritage Fund. Mr. Sycip advises a variety of companies in their cross-border endeavors between the US, Europe, and Asia. He also sits on several corporate boards, including Agritech Group Holdings International Pte Ltd, which develops biofuels in West Africa; Alliance Select Foods International, Inc,
and Bank of the Orient in San Francisco. He was on the Advisory Board of Stanford University’s Institute for International Studies for over 15 years. Mr. Sycip received his A.B. in International Relations/Economics from Stanford University and his M.B.A. from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.


Michael CH Lai

He holds a CCAD degree from the United States and led several blockchain projects. He used to work for international companies such as CompuServe, Rock Music, Rock Network, CGCG Inc., Roly Technologies, etc. During the CoinPay Société Anonyme in Luxembourg, he gained a lot of experience in the development of international finance and digital currency.


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