Welcome to Planet Ceqeol

Cequeol is a terrestial world in which 93% of the surface is covered with the ocean. The remaning 7% consists of 6 continents – Isias (the most populated), Unias, Cigica, Easloa, Oqas and Imira.


The Discovery

A recent expedition on one of Ceqeol’s ice-covered continent has uncovered an ancient spacecraft crash site.

The spacecraft, which was estimated to have crash landed on planet Ceqeol approximatley 6,000 years ago, belonged to an advanced multi-planetary species called the Somarians.


Celemeta Star System

Through the wreckage, it was determined that the ancient Somarian people have mastered time travel and faster-than-light travel technologies.

The Somorians colonized 8 other planets within 10,000 light-years from planet Cequeol that can support human life. Together, with Cequeol, the 9 planets are called the “Celemeta” system.

Celemeta’s Metaverse Architecture

Economics & Society

  • The Celemeta world operates within a unique econimc and societal ecosystem that is closely connected with the real world. Actions and events that occur in the real world affects the Celemeta world and vis versa. 
  • Service, content creation and Meta-commerce drive the economics of the Celemeta world.
  • Life in the Celemeta world is governed by a unique societal structure. You can alter and improve your societal standing by making contributions to the world (investing and building assets) and by playing the game that we call Tales of Genesis.

Tales of Genesis

  • Tales of Genesis is not only a game, but a central mechanic of living the Celemeta world.
  • In Tales of Genesis, you have the ability to travel backwards and forwards in time within the Celemeta world, which will allow you to affect and alter the world.
  • The rules and game data for Tales of Genesis is stored in the Celemeta Archive.

Celemeta’s Metaverse

Digital Twins Infrastructure

  • 5G
  • WIFI
  • 6G
  • MEMS
  • GPUS
  • Materials

Human Interface AR/VR

  • Motion
  • Mobile
  • Smart Glasses
  • Wearables
  • Haptic
  • Gestures
  • Voices
  • Neural

Blockchain Decentralisation

  • NFTs
  • Blockchain
  • Edge Computing
  • AI Agents
  • Microservices

Blockchain Decentralisation

  • NFTs
  • Blockchain
  • Edge Computing
  • AI Agents
  • Microservices